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Site Changes, July 2017:

Religious Group News, June 2017:

  • The particular school bullying issue mentioned below at the end of last month has taken another step, with the school's lawyer threatening legal action against the father, and that they would get the police involved – not to sort out the bullying, but to sort out the father being a nuisance. Much commentary Off Siteon Stuff. Update: And more reaction in Off Sitethis article.

Site Changes, June 2017:

Religious Group News, May 2017:

  • Providence Church (aka Jesus Morning Star) is the Korean cult making the news in New Zealand this month. The Off SiteNZ Herald reports on the nuisance they're making of themselves, with a suggestion from a former member that they may be doing more recruiting in preparation for the release of the founder from prison in July this year.
  • The rules behind a Muslim female-only netball tournament at a Muslim girls' school in Mangere, Auckland, have annoyed one father who cannot watch his two daughters play netball. Off SiteThis NZ Herald article says "organisers say it's important for the girls to have a "secure environment" to play sport." Secure from what? One of the organisers (a woman) is quoted as explaining "we hold this especially for our Muslim girls so that it gives them a chance to play with just people who are also covered like them. ... some parents are very strict". (She also explained that each team is allowed to have one non-Muslim player if they're short on numbers.) It's hard to know what to make of this. Is the tournament a way of working around oppressive Muslim restrictions thereby allowing girls to participate in sport in at least some way, or is it simply promulgating those restrictions and promoting religious separatism? The annoyed father shared his opinion: "When segregation and separation happens based on gender only – and where there is no cultural or religious reason to support it, it needs to be stopped by identifying it for what it is."
  • Cults use fear and intimidation to control, as do school bullies. In a Off SiteStuff article about a father's response to the lack of action of a primary school to stop the continuing bullying of his daughter, commenters share their own stories of relentless bullying. Enough is enough. Schools need to act to stop bullying.

Site Changes, May 2017:

Religious Group News, April 2017:

  • The Off SiteNZ Herald reports on Korean cult Shincheonji which is active in Auckland.
  • Rugby player Sonny Bill Williams made the news for covering the logo of a bank with tape on the collar of his rugby jersey in his opening game of the season, citing his Muslim beliefs which ban lending money for interest. It's an unusual stance to take, but one his contract clearly allows him to take. The particular bank is a sponsor of non-profit family-related organisation Plunket and Mr Williams (a father of two young children) has agreed to wear the Plunket logo instead. (This seem a win-win situation because it makes the point that religious principles are important, and it has resulted in giving Plunket some advertising which it wouldn't otherwise get – Editor.)
  • In the wake of the Sonny Bill Williams story, A J Forster wrote to the NZ Herald (published Wednesday 19 April 2017) pointing out that for much of its history lending for interest was also banned by the Christian church, and forms a major plot point of William Shakespeare's play The Merchant of Venice.
  • The Bethlehem Mission Trust (started by Tauranga House of Prayer) wants to make a missionary training school and prayer centre in Bethlehem but Off Sitethe BoP Times reports that neighbours are not so keen.
  • Jehovah's Witnesses have been banned in Russia. The NZ Herald posted a series of articles on Off Site3 March, Off Site17 March, Off Site7 April and Off Site21 April as the process worked through the Russian courts.
  • The Off SiteNZ Herald reports on a case of an acupuncturist who left a 40 mm needle in a man, claiming that the needle would extend the treatment for a few days, but the acupuncturist didn't tell the man because she was allegedly distracted. A report released by Deputy Health and Disability Commissioner Meenal Duggal says (according to the Herald) "Without being informed correctly, there was the potential for the needle to be pushed deeper and penetrate organs. Infections were also found to be a potential harm."

Site Changes, April 2017:

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