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Religious Group News, July 2018:

  • Stuff Off Sitereports that New Zealand "Taxpayers are forking out hundreds of thousands of dollars treating sprains, fractures and bruises suffered at the hands of chiropractors."

Site Changes, July 2018:

Site Changes, June 2018:

Religious Group News, May 2018:

  • A Nelson man has appeared in court regarding some items he stole at the end of last year from the Freemasons, including "a human skull, assorted human bones, cutlery and books, as well as ceremonial knives, robes and marbles" as detailed in Off Sitethis article from the Nelson Mail. The article explains "According to information about Freemasonry online, a skull and crossbones are kept with other symbols in a room called the Chamber of Reflection at Masonic lodges. Candidates for the order visit the room as part of an initiation process."
  • Gloriavale leader Hopeful Christian (aka Neville Cooper) died on Tuesday 15 May 2018, age 92 91 ("nearly 92"). Read more in Off Sitethis NZ Herald article or Off Sitethis Stuff article.
  • Reporter Off SitePatrick Gower says there is a Gloriavale leadership battle brewing.
  • Hopeful Christian's funeral was held on Wednesday, the day after he died. See Off Sitethis Stuff article for more details.
  • Reporter Off SitePatrick Gower presents a story about the Gloriavale "night raiders". (From the end of April.)

Site Changes, May 2018:

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