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Church of Scientology

Other Main Names:

  • Scientology
  • Dianetics
  • L Ron Hubbard (1911-1986, founder, sci-fi author)
  • David Miscavige (born 30 April 1960, present leader)

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More Info

Downloadable Pamphlets (from this site)

  • Cult Beliefs pamphlet (PDF, 15kB). DLE sized (A4 folded in thirds). The main beliefs of Christianity compared with the cults Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormons, Scientology and the New Age Movement.
  • Cult Mind Control pamphlet (PDF, 98kB). DLE sized (A4 folded in thirds). Covers what mind control is, how it differs from brainwashing, the common techniques used, how to recognise it, and how to protect yourself, your church, and your community.
  • Xenu leaflet (PDF, 196kB). A5 sized (A4 folded in half). Tells the incredibly ridiculous story of Scientology's Xenu. The pamphlet is public domain so if you'd like to host it yourself go ahead.

Information Sites

Online Articles


  • ScienTOMogy (broken link) - one of many satirical web sites Scientology has tried to shut down.

  • Book: A Piece of Blue Sky by former Scientologist Jon Atack. It is described as "One of the best books ever written about Scientology from an objective point of view."

    Portions of A Piece of Blue Sky can be read on

    Edition 2 has just been published (5 Feb 2013).

  • Online book: The Scandal of Scientology by Paulette Cooper. The description from the cover: 'A chilling examination of the nature, beliefs, and practices of the "Now religion." The book the Scientologists tried to stop!'

    Reportedly, the publishing of this book led to a Scientology plot (called Operation Freak-Out) whose goal, according to church documents, was "to get P.C. incarcerated in a mental institution or jail." It almost worked: By impersonating Cooper, Scientologists got her indicted in 1973 for threatening to bomb the church. Cooper, who also endured 19 lawsuits by the church, was finally exonerated in 1977 after FBI raids on the church offices in Los Angeles and Washington uncovered documents from the bomb scheme. No Scientologists were ever tried in the matter.

  • If you have a pressing need to read the OT manuals or any other secret $cientology info you could just let them come to you by following this advice (slightly edited) from the Freewinds search page:

    Here is what you do if you are concerned about your anonymity. If you are not, just go straight to step 4 and post from your own e-mail address.

    1. Find an Internet café or download and install Freedom or use Anonymizer to carry out all of the following steps.

    2. Get an account at Hotmail, Netscape or any other free webmail provider. Netscape is the better one of the two listed here, giving you 5 MB space instead of only 1 MB. Note: These ISPs log your IP. Just using a Hotmail account without anonymisation of your IP is not more anonymous than using your ordinary e-mail address. Therefore do not skip step 1.

    3. Now create an account at Deja, from which you can subsequently post. When you are asked for an e-mail address, give the Netscape or Hotmail address you just created.

    4. Using Deja, post on alt.religion.scientology and nl.scientology and ask for the OTs, NOTs and/or Ls. Give your Hotmail/Netscape/whatever account as reply address. Before you know it you'll have a deluge of skriptures in your mailbox.

    5. Fetch your sekrit skriptures from your webmail account and then cancel it or forget it forever. Never use it again for any purpose, or else your other traffic and logs and traffic analysis will eventually break your anonymity.  

  • For simply classic entertainment, head to Scientude and check out the Scientology comic strip there by Adam Bjornson. It's actually very educational on how Scientologists operate.

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