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The Gentle Wind Project

Other Main Names:

  • GWP, The Gentle Wind Retreat, "healing instruments"
  • John Miller, John "Tubby" Miller, Mary Miller, Mary "Moe" Miller

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"Most employees have not had a vacation in more than twenty years."

"We are not ... part of a ... science fiction alien takeover of earthlings as found in the movie and television fantasies ..."

– GWP web site.

"We can say that this healing instrument comes from a place that is both on this planet and a trillion light years away."

– GWP publication. (Check out the law of non-contradiction.)

"We're not New Age wackos."

– GWP spokesperson, quoted by Chuck Sheppard, News of the Weird.

"We are not ... part of a ... science fiction alien takeover of earthlings as found in the movie and television fantasies (as some of our critics would have you believe)..."

– GWP web site. No critics we know of have ever made such a claim.
(So who's writing the science fiction again?)

GWP directors "... recogni[se] that Gentle Wind is unusual ..."

– Lawsuit documents written by GWP's lawyers.

"Steven King and L. Ron Hubbard's books PALE in comparison to what I'm going to tell you."

– Moe.

"Clinical trials have been done and some of the results are on the Comments page of this website. In a few cases clinical trials were terminated because the investigators were overwhelmingly satisfied with the effectiveness of our technology and did not wish to deprive the control groups of the relief they found immediately with the experimental groups."

– GWP web site.

Former Members

"Members become so dependent on 'readings' or advice that they turn to the leaders for decisions about the simplest of daily activities. In similar fashion, they all follow the leader's preferences, i.e. everyone becomes Celtics basketball fans, buys super gasoline rather than regular, cuts their hair short, feeds their pets the same way, earns a ham radio license, makes bowls on a lathe, buys a truck, and so on."

"Until recently, a former member reports that a testimonial was on the group's website that she had asked to be removed two years ago. The testimonial stated that Gentle Wind had saved her family thousands of dollars in psychiatric bills. However, after that statement was made, this family actually had to spend thousands of dollars in psychiatric and legal bills to assist their sons in their recovery after being raised by parents who were Gentle Wind members."

"Although pages and pages of personal descriptions about improvements due to 'healing instruments' have been written by IKs [instrument keepers] and GWP leaders, nothing has ever been proven objectively in a scientific peer-reviewed paper."

– Former member Judy Garvey.

Cult Researchers

"But don't expect any objective peer-reviewed scientific evidence published about their puck in the pages of JAMA."

Rick Ross, referring to one of GWP's "healing instruments".

Other Experts

"The lack of sufficient parental attention and care of children by parents is negligent and therefore abusive."

– Warwick Pudney, a senior lecturer in psychotherapy at the
Auckland University of Technology, quoted in the New Zealand Herald.
This comment was not made in regard to GWP, but does highlight the link between neglect and abuse –
a link GWP would prefer you didn't know about.

"I think this is how most quackery happens. They find people who are desperate and ingratiate themselves to these people and then take advantage of them down the road."

– Dr. Robert Baratz, president of the National Council Against Health Fraud,
a nonprofit group based in Massachusetts, United States.


– Dr. Robert Baratz referring to a Gentle Wind explanation of their "healing instruments".

[GWP is a] "... U.S. based snake-oil company."

Terry Polevoy , Consumer Health Watchdog, Canada.

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