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The Gentle Wind Project

Other Main Names:

  • GWP, The Gentle Wind Retreat, "healing instruments"
  • John Miller, John "Tubby" Miller, Mary Miller, Mary "Moe" Miller

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Sexual Practices and Healing Instruments

Former members have claimed that leader John "Tubby" Miller engages in sexual rituals with his "harem" of female co-leaders. These practices are euphemistically referred to as "energy work" and are said to provide the energy for the manufacture of "healing instruments" which GWP sells. The number actively involved and watching the sessions varies from session to session. John Miller claims to be given the inspiration for the instruments by the spirit world during these sex sessions.

The Gentle Wind Project makes a big deal about it being a nonprofit organisation, and use of their instruments is supposedly free, but GWP requests donations anywhere up to US$20,000 (NZ$33,000) for the instruments. The most expensive instrument on their web site is US$7,600 (NZ$12,500 – apparently on special from US$8,600/NZ$14,000).

Anecdotal evidence of the amazing effectiveness of these instruments is the typical "this product did wonders for me" sort of thing that's used for everything from selling cars to old mouldy cheese and bee pee (no offense to bees). Apparently users can become so dependent on the blocks of plastic and metal that they eventually cannot function properly without them. The use of the "healing instruments" can become a habit (clinically known as a dependency) that can be very hard to break.

Read more under Beliefs.

Disparate Reimbursement

From a Gentle Wind Project web page:

Each employee works between 72 and 84 hours each week, for 365 days of the year. ...

Project employees have no time for recreation ... Most employees have not had a vacation in more than twenty years.

Former members claim that employees often work for minimum wage, while many volunteers work for free – often putting in so much time that their own businesses suffer.

Compare this to publically available tax details (see More Information) which show the top six leaders (John Miller and his five-woman "harem") were in the 2001-2002 American tax year each paid a salary of US$52,839 (NZ$87,000) in addition to having all living expenses, transportation, housing, travel, food, and cars paid for. Boats and other recreational equipment are also included for these leaders – something GWP claims its employees have no time for. For example, in their 2001-2002 tax return, they list "Research – boat $66,979" under Other Expenses. (At time of writing US$66,979 is about NZ$110,000, although due to a high exchange rate at the time was then worth up to NZ$160,000.)

In the same year (2001-2002) Paul Carreirro (the brother of two of the directors) was "loaned" a total of US$204,865 (about NZ$337,000) for medical care. All three "loans" are interest-free with the repayment terms listed as "ON DEMAND".

Update: The 2002-2003 tax return shows the five women directors were each paid a salary of US$71,799 (NZ$104,000). Their titles are now President, Treasurer, Clerk, and two Directors. Strangely, John Miller is not listed as receiving a salary. The 2002-2003 period is before GWP was revealed as being a cult/scam, although the return was filed several months after the revelations.

Update: The 2003-2004 tax return shows the top five's salary was US$70,270 for that tax year. Once again John Miller doesn't appear in the list, but one of the directors is also listed separately as an employee who was also paid the standard US$70,270. Legal fees for that tax year are listed as being US$110,769 – that's over NZ$161,000 at time of writing. (The previous year legal fees had been US$2,407, and nothing at all for the four years before that.) The amount devoted to Medical Research & Grants was an amazing US$448,838 – amazing since they can't provide even a single scientific study to show their healing instruments work or are anything but coloured paper, plastic, metal and sand.

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